3in1 – TRAVEL NECK PILLOW with an excellent 3D SLEEP MASK, 1 pair of HIGH- FIDELITY EARPLUGS and a compact CARRY BAG – all the best things to relax your mind – MyTravelUp (Light Lilac)

Price: $40.00 - $23.98

3 IN 1 SET – TRAVEL NECK PILLOW with an excellent 3D SLEEP MASK and 1 pair of HIGH- FIDELITY EARPLUGS in a compact CARRY BAG

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization 3.5 billion people fly every year. Among them 2 billion 333 million people have current neck pain. Our little team also spends a lot of time travelling and we know from own bitter experience what you need. We’ve done this comfortable set for your HEALTHY and DELIGHTFUL trip.


? The MULTIFUNCTIONAL pocket can be used in different ways. You can put your mobile telephone or player and take pleasure during your trip. If you think that it’s dangerous to sleep with a cell phone, you’re able to put money or a hankie in this pocket.
? COMFORTABLE STRAPS help you to regular the appropriate length.
? EYE MASK for sleeping gives you a perfect dream; easy-to-adjust head straps won’t tangle your hair; girls save an exquisite make up without defects. In an end result you will be fresh as a daisy.
? The BEST EARPLUGS protect your hearing from noisy parties, from clamorous neighbors and they will be a great friend during journey.


? Comfortable and DOUBLE-SIDED pillow
? Sightly and thought out design
? Compact carry bag
? EASILY transportable
? Multifunctional pocket


We’re offering you a VERY GOOD DEAL. 3in1 SET – TRAVEL NECK PILLOW with an excellent 3D SLEEP MASK and 1 pair of HIGH- FIDELITY EARPLUGS in a compact CARRY BAG. We’re confident that you will not find better suggestion!


THE BEST DEAL WITH 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION – we offer you a 30-Days Money Back Guarantee to let you buy with confidence.

TRAVEL WITH COMFORT! ORIGINALITY, PRESENTABLE AND HIGH QUALITY – is made from exceptionally premium material. The top sheet of pillow consists of velour cover that gives you an unforgettable and a pleasant sensation; the internal sheet of neck pillow – durable PVC. The convenient travel pillows feature a CHEMICAL FREE, providing protection against allergy, weariness and headaches.
HEALTH PRIORITY – the neck pillow not only is for an ordinary traveler, but also for people who have HEALTH PROBLEMS. The silken cat ears support the cervical spine in the proper position and improve the neck posture. After sleeping with this travel pillow you feel yourself as if you were on the 7th cloud and you will have more energy like a little baby.
PRACTICALITY AND COMPACTNESS – virtually each of us has once encountered such problem: no space in the suitcase. You can’t not only the inflatable neck pillow put, but also your favorite pants or shirt. There is a solution to this problem. Travel pillow has an inflatable pump; you’re able to pump up/out, when you need. ONLY 30 SECONDS. Using the inflatable pump you can also choose the optimal stiffness of neck pillow.
EASY HAPPY CLEANING – it’s no longer a problem how to clean. You should take off the velour cover and clean, using detergent, soap and brush in water 30-40 degrees. Don’t throw it in a machine, which will damage the inflatable pillow. WARNING: Don’t clean the internal material (PVC). If you follow this short instruction, the pillow for travel smells sweet and glows brightly for a long time.
VERSATILE – it’s for you, for your mam and dad, for your husband, wife and lover, for teens. No diversity! It’s suitable for EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE. Do you like travelling by plane, car, bus, train, ship? Bring this neck pillow for traveling with you. You can’t, because you have to work? Don’t upset, the pillow helps you to take a nap at the office, at home, after reading the book or working on the computer. All your wishes and variants. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME AND ORDER NOW

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