A1PP Folding Plastic Black Hangers 8 Pack – Travel Clothes & Dress Hangers – BONUS 77 Secret Travelers Tips Ebook – For Laundry Centers, Drying Racks, Cruise Ships – Foldable Lightweight

Price: $14.97 - $13.99

8 Clever Folding Plastic Hangers to Take Everywhere Every Time

You arrive and your hotel has only 3 hangers between 2 people. You unpack on a 14 day Cruise to find there are only 5 hangers. You trek to your hiking Cabin or Lodge to find nowhere to hang your wet clothes to dry. Sound familiar?

Never Be Caught Without Hangers Again Each hanger contains grooves and indents, convenient for hanging camisoles, swimsuits and underwear. Great for hanging a few small garments to dry overnight in a hotel bathroom.

Moulded from quality black plastic with a non-slip finish so you can hang your silk, flimsy or slinky garments with confidence and they won’t end on the floor.

Easily hold 5lbs of clothing like sweaters, jackets, blazers so sturdy construction.

And what about your Office and Car? Tired of hanging your jacket on a chair back or car seat? Tiny and light enough to carry in your handbag or briefcase and keep a couple in your car.

Folded size is a tiny 5″ x 2.75″ wide. First unfold for Childrens Clothes Hangers or Baby Clothes to 5.5″ x 9″ wide. Then unfold full size to 7″ x 16″ wide. Pack of 8 folds into a 9″ x 3″ x 2.75″ parcel when stacked. Slip in a corner of a suitcase or each inside your shoes, tuck some into a backpack or overnight bag. Note the hooks are slightly smaller than ordinary hangers, so extra thick rods may be awkward.

Use on your laundry drying rack or wall mounted clothes drying rack. Just fold all away when finished.

You will wonder how you ever lived without them.

Order yours today and send a pack to a traveller friend. They will love you for it.HANDY LIGHT WEIGHT – Foldable black plastic hangers perfect for travel – weighs almost nothing in your luggage – Handy for Cruise Ships, dry cleaning, at the Office, in Sports bags, at the Gym – Keep in your Car, Caravan and Rv
BUSINESS TRAVELERS love these – Use in Hotels when not enough hangers – Easily fit in your suitcase, briefcase, carry-on, over-nighter or backpack. Use on Cruises, in Lodges and Cabins – Use Camping for hanging bags or lanterns
MINI SIZE UNFOLDS TO FULL SIZE Hanger – Open half way to hang childrens clothes and full size standard hangers for adult clothes – Hang shirts, suit coats, jackets, dresses, sweaters and wet clothes to dry overnight
LAUNDRY ROOM CONVENIENT – Perfect for clothes drying rack – Easily hold 5lbs – Hangers hold clothes with skid proof non-slip finish and grooves – Perfect for drip dry items – Rust-free quality plastic construction won’t stain your clothing
GREAT GIFT IDEA – Give hangers to College Students and Travelers – Essential for every business trip and vacation – Don’t leave home without them – BONUS SECRET TRAVEL TIPS EBOOK – Download the Secrets the Travel Industry knows but do not tell

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