Attitude Is the Key

What do Jennifer Aniston, Elizabeth Gilbert, and myself have in common. No, not money, nor good looks but any number of messed up relationships! If we were to meet, we would likely agree on at least one thing! Life can be managed successfully, whether in a relationship or not, whether with someone or on your own.

Three generations of women, 3 different experiences and III similar conclusions! Jennifer Aniston’s life is well publicized, Elizabeth Gilbert, wrote the bestseller, Eat, Pray and Love, about a woman, who after several aborted relationships, went travelling solo to find her life goal.

I viewed, the movie, Eat Pray and Love from my balcony on the cruise ship, The Oasis of the Seas, alone! I had many strange experiences on that cruise, including meeting a passenger, who I now believe was on his way to join ISIS. He appeared to have developed a very negative attitude to life and people.

In addition, during that cruise I found myself attending an event for solo travelers. To my horror and sincere trepidation, I found that most were not solo travelers at all in its true sense! Most were travelling with someone and so were not alone and truly solo travelers through my eyes!

Recently, a friend of mine said, “I have not taken a holiday in 10 years!” I replied, “Well, I have taken in excess of 10 holidays!” The main differences between myself and Andy is that he owns a home and a car.

I own neither a car or home and have relatively few material possessions, a bit similar to Gandhi but not quite. I believe another similarity between myself and Gandhi is that he hoped that all people all over the world despite their religion or culture would experience peace and harmony in their life time.

My friend, Andy, like many other people has focused most of his efforts in life on security. On the other hand, I have focused on travelling and developing a positive attitude. I have found that experiences as opposed to possessions have opened the door to happiness for me!

Lastly, my dad Louis Fynaut, survived Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps, during World War II. He was a Belgian political prisoner and Never Gave Up.

I believe one of the main reasons my dad survived is because he possessed a good attitude to life. When he was alive he taught me that experiences are the key and that a positive attitude will unlock the door to many wonderful things in my life.

My dad had a big influence on me. I know for sure that if he were alive today, he would be very pleased to know that I haven’t let the world slate me into a position that is not for me. I know that my attitude is the key and that ultimately nobody but myself can help me – I have to develop and do it alone but with the help of other good people both dead and alive.

Source by Paula De Souza

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