Busy Kids Buckle Plush Monkey Backpack Toy – Zippers, laces, snaps, buttons – Great for airplane travel, car and home – Toddlers 3, 4 and 5 year old boys or girls

Price: $39.95 - $11.99

The Busy Kids Backpack is the most unique backpack your child will ever own. Kids go crazy for the cute plush monkey body, but the real joy is in the over one dozen buckles, straps, laces and zippers!
This soft, plush, toy has straps so your child can wear it like a backpack. There is one small sleeve that little items can be stowed in.

Designed for keeping kids happy and engaged while traveling, the Busy Kids Backpack is the perfect companion for your little one.

*Note: This is not a full size backpack. It is a learning toy that can be carried with the child. The compartment on the back is the size for holding a small book.SUMMER SALE! 33%% OFF – Save $10! ACT FAST!
Over a Dozen Interactive Straps, Buckles, Zippers & More
Well Designed, Soft and Sized for Toddlers – Small Pocket to Hold Little Items
Teaches Children Skills Such as Tying Laces
Perfect for Keeping Your Toddler Engaged

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