Meyoung Foot Rest Flight Adjustable Airplane Foot Rest Hammock for Travel Accessory (1 pack)

Price: $18.99 - $13.99

“Meyoung” is registered Trademark by JIETIAN Tech

Know more about your Meyoung Folding Footrest

Comfortable Flights & Vehicle journey
When riding a long period of time in an airplane in economy class, do you remember the strong restraint feeling and cramped feeling in the lower body, you will very eager for somewhere that your foot can rest. These worries we need to overcome is a in-flight foot hold place.
The one your own foot storage, keep your feet in a long period of time journey by airplane bus or car, you can have a comfortable sleep time.
For these situations: Table there is no seat, There is no enough space in the forward your seat, or there is a Traffic Service regulation, it is not suitable to use this item.
Place also come back and lay your legs comfortable.

Easy to carry with Light Weight & Small Folded Size
Folded in a compact, not become a burden to carry.
Come with dedicated storage case.
Folded into storage case: 8.27*2.76*1.97 inch.
Though Airplane also with this equipment, sometimes you mind that equpment used by many other peoples, you can use your own personal footrest.
During the in-flight meal service, so as not to interfere with the time of the movement of people in the next seat, it can be easily accommodated.

How to use?
? Take out the table in front of your seat.
? Hook the string part of the footrest to the table, and snap the buckle (PU leather inward, and oxford fabric outward).
? If necessary, please adjust the length of the string.
? Please put your feet in the footrest.

Dimension: 8.27*2.76*1.97inch
Weight: 2.99ozNew design foot rest hammock, your best friend during your trip, reduce feet fatigue.
Easy to install the travel footrest, reduce pressure on your back and feet pain.
Use it in office, school, bus, train, long-distance subway.
Light weight carry-on flight foot rest, not increase your bag’s burden, with weight only 3 oz and folded size 8*2*2 inch.
Sweet Holiday’s Gift. Very suit for business person and travel enthusiasts or the worker who need long time sitting.

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