ShampBooze Hidden Flasks for Cruises by Smuggle Mug, 17.6 Fillable oz Disguised Flasks x 2

Price: $13.99 - $12.49

#1 Trusted Shampoo Flask by Smuggle MugĀ®. Made in the USA! Brand New Labels with every run!! ShampBooze saves the average user $180 on their bar tab! Sneak 35.2 oz of your favorite alcohol onto your cruise in your checked luggage. These are brand new FDA and BPA free realistic plastic 17.6oz shampoo and 17.6oz conditioner bottles. We redesign the label every few months to keep under the radar. We also blur out the label to protect its identity. NOWHERE on the labels does it say anything about being a flask. They are three times tougher than rum runners. If your bags do get checked, there will be no obvious container holding alcohol. You can also use them in your dorms. Made in the USA. If you get a set and a lid is missing, please contact SmuggleMug’s official website, and we will ship you a replacement free. The bottles may read 16 oz, but they hold more.Cruisers Love Using ShampBooze To Sneak Their Own Booze On Board For Cheap Drinks!
Each order comes with one 17.6 oz shampoo and one 17.6 oz conditioner flask. The BPA Free bottles say 16oz but they hold more.!
#1 Trusted Shampoo Flask. Just pack it in your checked luggage with the rest of your toiletries.
Saves the average user $180 off their cruise bar tab. Nowhere does it say anything about being a flask.
Stronger and way less obvious that Rum Runners. See Smuggle Mug and Umbrella Flask. MADE IN USA!

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