Travel Wallet Neck Pouch – RFID Passport Wallet – Hidden Travel Wallet – Neck Passport Holder – Durable Travel Passport Wallet – By Bingonia Travel Accessories – Khaki

Price: $34.99 - $29.97

Afraid of losing your essentials like the passport and money during your travels?

Are you looking for a reliable and durable neck stash to carry your belongings without a hassle?

Frustrated about low quality, neck stash wallets that promise the sky but do not offer what you need?

If your answer is yes to any of above questions, BINGONIA neck stash is your answer. High quality, reliability, comfort,
durability and user-friendliness are the basic features that make this superior to other similar products.

If you own a BINGONIA neck stash, you have nothing to worry about being robbed. Regardless of the country you travel,
this little pouch could protect all your valuables like the passport, credit/ debit cards, money and IDs from pickpocket gangs.
You will also be protected from theft scanners through RFID blocking material.

Wear it the way you like. You could wear it on top of your clothing or hide it under your clothes. Adjust the strap accordingly.
and wear it with peace of mind. The fine nylon material is mildew and mold resistant. There would be no room for harmful bacteria.
growth in the moist of your perspiration.

Roomy pockets will help you arrange all your belongings in a well-organized manner. You will also be protected from
unwanted rays from ID scanners through the RFID blocking material.

Seeking a super way to surprise a family member, co-worker or friend? This will make an ideal & inexpensive gift.
A gift in which they will remember you every time they travel.

Lifetime Guarantee

Bingonia confidently stands behind their products. We will replace or refund your purchase if dissatisfied.

Hit the ‘Buy Now’ button at the top right to make this user friendly, high quality BINGONIA travel neck stash yours today!

#1 BEST RATED neck stash is produced using the finest nylon material available in the market to ensure durability and hard use
RFID BLOCKER – New technology breakthrough will protect you against electronic pickpocketing & identity theft on your travel
LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE TO WEAR – Offers maximum comfort during travel breathable & soft
UNDERCOVER NECK POUCH – Conceals your important documents, money or CC unnoticeable, may be worn under clothing or outside for secure peace of mind
SLIM YET SPACIOUS – Roomy compartmentalized neck stash provides 4 pockets to keep your most important belongings organized, Allows easy access to store & retrieve your passport, cash or anything needed momentarily, a must during airport checkout, tours, trips or any travel experience

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