What is the Best Way to Approach a Bar For a Job?

There’s a myth that finding work in bars is actually incredibly difficult, especially since the economic downturn. However, while the recession has meant that finding work is harder than it has been in the past, finding a bar job is not as complicated and difficult as some people make it out to be.

Finding the right bar:

It can be difficult to separate those pubs looking for staff from those who aren’t interested. Depending on the type of bar, there’s every chance that vacancies could simply be advertised on a notice outside, so it can’t hurt to walk around your local area and just check windows and doors of bars and pubs for vacancy signs. If you’ve got time you can always go in and ask. The problem with this method is that the landlord or supervisor needs to be in before you can get any solid information, and it takes a lot of time to walk into every bar in town and make enquiries.

Depending on the bar, they might advertise through a variety of different methods. Small, independent pubs often use Job Centre or local classified ads as these are cheaper options than advertising on the web services like Gumtree.

Getting the job:

Once you found a bar that has a vacancy, find out what they after. Not every bar will need your CV but it’s a good thing to keep on hand. Some of the bigger chains will usually have a form for you to fill out instead. Smaller bars tend to be slightly more informal. Appearance can be important in bar work so dress smart – although a full suit might be a bit too far!

One of the things most bar owners will be interested in is your experience. The important thing about experience is not to lie. If you’ve never pulled a drink or mixed a cocktail before, you’ll need training and practice. In some cases, the only reason owners will ask for experience is to find out if you’ll need help when you start. If you do find that you’re losing out due to lack of experience try to get work at a bar chain like Yates, Wetherspoons or Varsity who are more likely to have the resources available to train new staff.

What not to do:

Don’t run through the telephone book cold calling bars. It takes a lot of time and it’s generally going to annoy more landlords and bar owners than it is find you work. Even if you do talk over the telephone you’ll still need to go into the bar anyway to supply more details. Don’t go into bars and ask about jobs without having some form of contact details to give to the staff in case the owner isn’t around. Ultimately, finding bar work is just like finding any job. Be polite but persistent, make full use of the internet and try hard to sell yourself to your potential employer.

Source by Mirna Khoury

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